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Roberta Gandolfi Srl, Via Angelelli, 16, 40023 Castel Maggiore (hereinafter "Roberta Gandolfi") uses cookies to improve the quality of the website (hereinafter "Site") and the related service, and to try to make the user's browsing experience meaningful.

When the user accesses the Site, the Roberta Gandolfi web server sends a cookie to his computer; this allows Roberta Gandolfi to recognize the computer, but not the person who is using it. By associating the identification numbers contained in the cookies with other customer information, for example, when the user accesses the Site, Roberta Gandolfi can however know that the information in the cookies refers to that user.

By continuing beyond this page and browsing the Site, for example by accessing an area of ​​the Site or clicking on a link or image on the Site itself, the user consents to the use of cookies in the manner defined by Roberta Gandolfi and declares to have understood this Cookie Policy which describes how the user can manage their choices and preferences regarding the use of cookies.


Cookies are small text strings sent to your computer when you visit a website that store, and sometimes track, information about your use of the Site. Some cookies used by Roberta Gandolfi have a limited duration for the browsing session only and expire when the browser is closed. Other cookies are used only if the user asks Roberta Gandolfi to remember the password for the next time he returns to the Site, or to understand his online preferences in order to improve Roberta Gandolfi services and/or the browsing experience of the user; these cookies have a longer duration.


The cookies used on the Site are those illustrated below.


By "technical cookies" we mean, according to the cataloging provided by the Guarantor for the protection of personal data in general provision no. 229 of 8 May 2014 containing "Identification of simplified methods for providing information and obtaining consent for the use of cookies", navigation or session cookies, analytical cookies and functionality cookies.

The use of these cookies does not require user consent.

The technical cookies used by Roberta Gandolfi are listed below.


These session cookies are necessary to allow the user to use the essential functions of the Site, allowing, for example, to order the delivery of the product more easily.

The essential functions of the Site require strictly technical cookies to remember, while the user orders other products on the Site and/or visits other pages of the Site during the same browsing session, the user's postal code and the products included in the cart or notes provided by the user. These cookies also allow Roberta Gandolfi to understand whether the user has authenticated as a registered user on the Site and to guarantee the possibility of using the appropriate features on the Site.

If you choose to disable these cookies, the user will only be able to browse the Site but will not be able to order products.

Roberta Gandolfi also uses a cookie to keep track of the fact that the user has been informed by Roberta Gandolfi regarding the use of cookies and that he has consented, if necessary, to such use.


These cookies are also known as performance analysis cookies and are used to collect information on how users use the Site, so that Roberta Gandolfi can improve the quality of the Site and the service.

The analytical cookies used by Roberta Gandolfi do not collect information that could identify the user. All the information collected by these cookies is aggregate and anonymous information used by Roberta Gandolfi to:

  • provide statistics on how the Site is used;
  • know through which website the user arrived at the Site; And
  • help Roberta Gandolfi improve the Site by measuring information on the use of the Site and any errors that occur when users browse it.


Functionality cookies provide better functionality of the Site, allowing access to additional services or improving subsequent visits to the Site.

The functionality cookies used on the Site allow the user to take advantage of some advanced features of the Site while browsing it. These cookies may share some information with Roberta Gandolfi partners to provide the services available on the Site; the information thus shared will be used exclusively for the provision of that specific service, product or function and will not be used for any other purpose.


Profiling cookies (also known as targeting and sharing cookies) are cookies that offer the user a personalized browsing experience, offering services based on the interests expressed by the user as part of his navigation on the Site but also on other websites.

The cookies that personalize the user's browsing experience on the Site - based on preferences, orders, online behavior and user interaction with Roberta Gandolfi and other websites - collect information associated only with the IP address used by the user. Some of these personalized browsing experiences may be connected to services offered by third parties to keep track of the fact that the user has visited the Site and show, for example, personalized messages in line with the user's interests. This information is used to inform the user about products and/or services that may be of interest to him, including services provided by Roberta Gandolfi partners.

Profiling cookies can also be connected to social networks such as Facebook or Instagram so as to make information regarding the user's visit to the Site available to advertising agencies and allow them to present adverts to the user in line with his interests.

Please view the list of Roberta Gandolfi partners who send their own profiling cookies via the Site.

In order to install profiling cookies, the user's consent is required.


Some of the cookies used on the Site are provided by Roberta Gandolfi, while others are sent by third parties who provide services on behalf of Roberta Gandolfi.

You can manage your cookie preferences using your web browser. Most browsers automatically accept cookies, but, if you prefer, you can modify your browser to prevent cookies from being installed, or to notify you each time a cookie is being sent. You can find out more about cookies by visiting which provides further information about cookies and how to block cookies using different types of browsers. Please note, however, that by blocking or deleting the technical cookies used on this Site, it will not be possible to fully exploit the Site.

Further details regarding how Roberta Gandolfi uses the personal data provided by the user are available in Roberta Gandolfi's Privacy Policy , it being understood, however, that not all the information collected through cookies can allow identification of the user. user.

We are continually working to develop better ways to manage cookie preferences. In consideration of the continuous progress of new technologies and available technical solutions Roberta Gandolfi reserves the right to modify this Cookie Policy in order to reflect such technological advances and preference management tools.


To find out more about cookies, for any questions or to send suggestions, please contact Roberta Gandolfi at the following addresses: Roberta Gandolfi Srl, Via Angelelli, 16, 40023 Castel Maggiore (BO), and 051/702614.

For the purposes of this Cookie Policy Roberta Gandolfi Srl
is the data controller.

Please also read the Privacy Policy for more information on how we use your personal data.